Available to gîte guests and campers at La Baudonnière, we serve a traditional French breakfast of croissant, pain au chocolat, and wonderful local breads such as the famous Brioche, a specialty of the Vendée region. We also provide jam, butter, milk, cereal, yoghurt, bananas, and of course… Nutella. All is served with coffee or tea.

We welcome you to enjoy breakfast in the lounge of the manor from 8am to 10am. Gite and camping guests are welcome with prior reservations. See rates. For your convenience, please complete included order form, or make arrangements in person (please allow 24hrs.)

We will do everything we can to accommodate an early departure. If you would like your morning meal before 8am, please make arrangements in person the previous morning.

Traditional French breakfast
B&B guests included
Gîte guests and campers: €5.50/person